Let’s wrap this up

I thought this would be an appropriate first post, as it is very light and creative topic. I will get to more challenging question about early years, later.

So If you’re giving a gift for Mothers day, birthday, anniversary or basically any occasion that requires you wrap things up, this might be something you want to read.

I would do this activity with children from 1 year old, depending on their interest in art, and eating water colours. Needless to say you would be better off doing it one on one, so you can manage the steps and let tiny humans do the art themselves as much as they can.


Preparing everything in advance will set you off for a good start and, let’s be honest, the smaller the children, the preparation will take way longer than the actuall activity. But that is okay, don’t be put of by that. As long as tiny humans are trying new things, and having fun in the process, that is a big win for you.

You will need:

~ Larger pieces of paper

~ Water colours

~ Potato

~ Knife

~ Smaller plastic containers or paper plates


Depending on the age of a child you can prepare everything on the floor for younger ones and on the table for older ones. But really, do it as you normally do, it is better to prepare it in the usual environment because the activity will already be new. Children will therefore concentrate on the activity rather than get distracted with the whole new environment.


Cut the potato in different shapes. Triangle, circle and square would be perfect for learning first basic shapes. For children to learn a new shape, it is better to start with two options, and than continue with 4 or more. Repeating the name of the shape often like: ‘Would you like to use a circle?’ and pass them the potato with circle shape. And so on, I’m sure you get the picture. You would do the same with colours. Use 3 primary colours (red, blue, yellow) and when they acquire them, you can include secondary colours (purple, green, orange).


Have fun with stamping coloured shapes on the paper, don’t worry if they smudge them, if they paint themselves a little, as long as they are enjoying the activity and make happy faces, I would say you did well! Please do leave comments if you try the activity or have any questions.

I’m very happy to welcome you on my blog where magic never ends and hope you’ll stick around to catch some for yourself.

The Lovely Nanny xx

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