When you have or look after children, the amount of things you need can sometimes be overwhelming, but not to worry. In reality we don’t really need all that much, but there is a few things that are just must haves in every home that has children.

I tried gazillion products for children, and I’m sure there is gazillion more waiting for me to try ( and I’m very excited about that!). Β Some will work for some children and other for other, but I have been lucky to stumble upon a few that work every time, and I really want to share it with you.

They are all products you can find on Amazon, or high street shops.

Witch Hazel gel


I love Witch Doctor, because you can use it for the whole family. It’s perfect for babies starting to crawl, toddlers climbing everywhere, and adults. Works best when you put it on straight away after the bump, burn or graze happened. It feels like cooling gel, and leaves the skin bump, bruise and burn free. It really works!

Water Wipes

60 pack low res 2015 new pack

I had a chance to try many amazing and less amazing brands, regarding wipes. There is so many on the market, but not all of them will do a good job. I think great wipes should be easy to pull out of the package without braking in pieces, have to have a little to nothing smell, and have to be free of chemicals, so you can freely wipe down the whole child if needed (and we all know that this is needed sometimes!) πŸ™‚ Well Water Wipes have all that. Check them out!


Nipper Clipper


One of the best little gadgets I came across. Cutting children’s nails can be tricky, especially if you don’t have a good clipper, and you can’t see where are you clipping. Accidents can happen, and the last thing you want is your toddler scratching your face down because he refuses to cut his nails. If you start with this one, you will not have a problem since day 1. They come along with this little S shaped file, and an app you can download. Get one here.


Sanitising water


Just an essential in house with kids, or nursery. When it comes to maintaining toys (especially the teething ones!) and keeping pacifiers clean when out and about, I sweat to this little secret! It is so good! Want to try?


Eye Wipes



I like to take kids out as much as possible, and we all like sandpits. Who doesn’t. That said, kids are playing and next thing you know sand is flying around, very normal, but it also comes really handy when you have a few of this eye wipes stashed in nappy bag just for emergencies like this, and they do happen on a regular. I never go without!


Teething Granules71BqKwB16RL._SL1419_

Teething is the less pleasant time in baby’s life. Some of them will be semi fine, others will be in pain a lot. I find that these granules help a lot. Depending on the level of pain, but even in the most severe cases, gives a least a few moments of smiles. And they are homeopathic. Get them for your baby!


Please let me know, either here or on Instagram, what do you thing about the products if you are using them, or have use them in the past. Would be great to hear any positive experience. Or maybe you have your own product that are must haves? I would love to know!

Sharing is caring! πŸ˜‰

The Lovey Nanny xx


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