Nanny appreciation week

Nannies are awesome! I know that, because I am one. I also know so many of them who are more than brilliant and they all deserve pampering once in a blue moon (or a few more time).


Most of the time Nannies will give away all energy to the family they work for and sometimes there will be nothing left. When you work long hours, weekends and holidays, you rarely have time to pamper yourself. I am so guilty of that. I will totally forget about me and then really when it’s necessary and I have nothing else to give, I will have to have a little me time. And than I will most enjoy a cup of peppermint tea, with my hair up and my face mask on. It does wonders as I’m sure you know!

Since it is NANNY APPRECIATION WEEK, I was thinking of letting you know my favourite things I use for my ‘me’ time, and than since SHARING IS CARING I would like to make sure one of my lovely followers can have a little pampering of their own. So I will GIVE AWAY a care hamper with a few of my favourite products. Here they are.


This is my favourite product that are all very flight friendly, easy to transport and they do make such a difference when you need a quick ‘pick me up’.

First is NIVEA creme, the staple in my opinion, I never go anywhere without. It’s so universal and inexpensive a real classic. Good for face, nose when you have a cold, lips, body… Really a life saver!

Second is my favourite tea brand TEEKANNE! And also my favourite flavour peppermint. When moving around, traveling and just living a life on the go, I always keep a few tea bags in my purse. Tea is like a warm hug at the end of the day when you feel vanished, helps with indigestion and bloating and helps you relax. A winner in my opinion.

Third – face masks! I used a lot of drugstore ones, the expensive ones and then I found these. With a recommendation of Ellie Mecham I purchased them and instantly fell in love. I love a good face mask, but not always I’m in a mood or have time to watch if I’m going to wipe my mask somewhere by accident. With SKYN Iceland, I really don’t have to worry. They also feel like a cloudy snowman lay on your face and afterwards your skin does not feel tired or stretched and it’s really nothing else you have to do when you take it of.

Fourth is the yummiest lip scrub from LUSH. So natural and smells delicious. Lips can sometimes be forgotten but we still have to give them some love from time to time and I think a nice lip scrubbing goes a long way for healthy lips.

Last but not least is foot mask. This one is just one I picked up form Poundland. I had no idea this existed when I was searching for it, but it does, and it makes my life so much easier. Especially when traveling in summer.

An this is what I think a quick and efficient pampering session have to include. Of course when I have a little more time, or on holidays there will be a few more products involved, but for a fast recovery on the go this will do the trick.

I will pick someone who will follow all the steps to WIN the PAMPERING package (ALL the goodies from the picture and a few surprises). You will find all the details on my INSTAGRAM and I will ship the package worldwide. This is not sponsored, and it’s just my way of showing appreciation for all the great Nannies of the world and thank you for reading my blogs, commenting on my posts and sticking around.

In hope you all feel appreciated, not just week but all the time!

The Lovely Nanny xx


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