Gift that keeps on giving

Advent calendars! I love them! Do you get one every year? I do! Normally the yummy ones like Ritter sport or Lind ones. But this year I treated myself to a tea calendar from English Tea Shop. I love tea so much and I drink it every day, so it only makes sense to get it. plus it looks lovely!


This could also be a wonderful gift for someone if you celebrate St. Nicolas on the 6th of December. Other wise I think it might be a bit late and a waste not to enjoy throughout the December.



The tea is organic and every day you can open a little box with a new flavour, well there is 13 different flavours and all of them duplicate except one, so you can enjoy them twice. I really like that tea bags are made from transparent gauze and shaped like pyramid, so it is almost like you are having a loose leaf tea but with the continuance of the bag.



I must go now, my tea is ready! 😉

I left a few ideas for advent calendars if you want to get one last minute! I found them all on Amazon and they are all non food ones! Just click on the numbers and it will take you straight there.

1, 2, 3, 4, 

But if you did get one, which one did you get? I want to know all about it! Sharing is caring! 😁

The Lovely Nanny xx



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