Cookie heaven

I like easy – trow in a bowl – cookie recipes that you can easily do with kiddos. This one is exactly that! We did the dough before lunch and baked it after so we could enjoy a nice little treat in the afternoon! Baking with kids is so special and they are always so proud when they do something! So here we go, have a try yourself!



180g spelt flour

60g coconut sugar

90g nuts (almonds or hazelnuts)

120g dark chocolate

160g butter


pinch of salt

1/2 table spoon of cinnamon

  • Preheat the oven on 170 Celsius
  • mix butter, sugar, chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon together and add it to flour and nuts
  • make balls and bake for about 15 min (give or take depending on the Owen)




We of course added some sprinkles and I made a quick frosting with sugar and lemon so they could stick on. But the cookies are delicious on it’s own as well!

Let me know if you try them! Sharing is caring!

The Lovely Nanny xx

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